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Find in Season 3

Then for the last time, don’t stick any part of your hairless body into my business. Trust me, there is nothing for you to gain from it. Because even if you went on a cruise to the most remote regions of the ocean and rescued my drowning, salt-soaked body in time to pump the sea water out of my lungs and bring me back from the brink of death, I would STILL be upset that the first face I saw was yours!

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  1. Comment by Ian

    What a grateful man! haha, excellent!

  2. Comment by XD

    If only i was doctor Cox
    Gah i’d be ohso awesome

  3. Comment by :D

    i can see why this is the most e-mailed comment haha

    nice way to get someone who annoys you off your case 😉

  4. Comment by vveexx


  5. Comment by yozef

    said by the best

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