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Find in Season 4

Lady, people aren’t chocolates. D’you know what they are mostly? Bastards. Bastard-coated bastards with bastard filling. But I don’t find them half as annoying as I find naive bobble-headed optimists who walk around vomiting sunshine.

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  1. Comment by ben.M

    yeh i frigin love this rant, it’s definently one of his best

  2. Comment by Brenni

    Hahaha quality! Agreed with Ben, one of his best! :)

  3. Comment by calum

    I Love This Moment So Much That I Want To Marry It And Raise A Whole Family Of Tiny Little Moments…

  4. Comment by Dana

    I really love this quote, its so funny. Geeze, Cox is just the man!

  5. Comment by jack

    i agree with this one i hate “naive bobble-headed optimists who walk around vomiting sunshine”.

  6. Comment by Mike

    Its funny cause its true…

  7. Comment by Mike

    Its funny cause its true… In most cases that is.

  8. Comment by amanda

    my brain just exploded.
    This is awesome!

  9. Comment by Bane

    Really true! One of the best ones!

  10. Comment by ozzy

    truly my favorite cox comment EVER! i dont care what the polls say.. this is my fave

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