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Sorry about that, Bobo,but I’m gonna go and tell the truth whenever i damn will, please. For instance, your tie. It’s hideous, in fact its only redeeming quality is to divert attention from the very visible outline of…your man-girdle.


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Oh, come on, you gotta focus on the positives. For instance, the medical miracle that is one woman actually impregnating another woman.


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Look, Barbie, what you’re missing here is that you’re private practice now. That means you’re the enemy. And I know, as a doctor, disease is supposed to be the enemy, but I’m giving hepatitis and his bantam infectious buddies a pass, and I’m coming after you today. The bottom line is you’d rather clock out of here early than run the extra mile for your patients, and, Barbie, that makes you a sell-out.


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Ok, in here we have Mrs. Frank, who is in renal-failure, a–and over here we have Dr. TurtleHead, who is suffering from a severe case of…the Sulkys”. Symptoms include bad posture, moppy face and a sudden uncontrollable flailing of the upper extremities. Is it possible I’ve misdiagnosed this malady? (…) There it is. That a boy! Beat it. All of ya! (…)”


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I’m not freshly ripping anybody anything anymore. I am done with anger.


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You know, jumpsuit, as I was scaling the hospital, I had an epiphany. This back-and-forth between you and I is just gonna get worse and worse. I mean, the only thing I could think about was retaliation, and I’m relatively certain that you’ve got a couple of tricks up your sleeve, too.


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It really is just super that you’re here with us as a reminder that surgeons really are simply ignorant scalpel jocks. Hell, after surgery…if there’s the slightest medical issue you just turf the patient right down to us, the real doctors, so we can pick up your slack. You cut…and run, if you will. That’s right, it’s not just a phrase used by political pundits who wear bow ties. It is also the number one reason that all of you should pray to God, or, in your case Rex, Mocho the Samoan Bird King, that you never have to be treated by these flesh hungry butchers. Jenny, take his glasses as a trophy.


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Look, you pretty obviously have short-circuited. Because the odds of you ever actually having a baby are roughly on a par with me finding the Loch Ness monster in my bathtub.


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We are running a test that’s a waste of our time. But at least she’ll accept she’s medically fine. She’ll admit that she’s nuts or I’ll have to say snore”. Just give her the CAT-Scan and show her the door.”


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Apparently he’s doing the fatty dance.” Inappropriate? Well, maybe. But I’m raising my son to be a straight-shooter. That’s his mom, right over there.”

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