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You’re giving orders to me? OMG, Barboo, you make me want to LOL. I just discovered text messaging. I know i’m a little late to the game, but that doesn’t mean that you’re any less of a G.A.B.P.I.T.A.W.M.W. number 2 D.” Giant Annoying Bangsy Pain In The Ass Who Makes me Want to Die.”


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Look, Barbie, what you’re missing here is that you’re private practice now. That means you’re the enemy. And I know, as a doctor, disease is supposed to be the enemy, but I’m giving hepatitis and his bantam infectious buddies a pass, and I’m coming after you today. The bottom line is you’d rather clock out of here early than run the extra mile for your patients, and, Barbie, that makes you a sell-out.


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You know, jumpsuit, as I was scaling the hospital, I had an epiphany. This back-and-forth between you and I is just gonna get worse and worse. I mean, the only thing I could think about was retaliation, and I’m relatively certain that you’ve got a couple of tricks up your sleeve, too.


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We are running a test that’s a waste of our time. But at least she’ll accept she’s medically fine. She’ll admit that she’s nuts or I’ll have to say snore”. Just give her the CAT-Scan and show her the door.”


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She’s been gone 6 weeks, Bobo. But wait, before I make you look like a complete idiot, we’d all like to thank you for setting up the new employee discount of copydump. Gang! (…) And back to insulting you, she’s been gone 6 weeks, Bobo, the 6 days that you’re referring to are the 6 days you actually worked this month.


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Ooh, so that’s why we’re over there. Here I thought it was a rude act of terrorism, or was it for the oil? Or for mama Hussein secret Falafel rest I’ve been ashklashf…Gosh, that hard to keep track.


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Oh, come on, you gotta focus on the positives. For instance, the medical miracle that is one woman actually impregnating another woman.


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Do you think you can actually be an absentee chief of medicine and still matter? Let me see if I can make this real clear for you. If this hospital were a human body, you’d be the appendix because at one time you served some function, but it was so long ago, nobody is quite sure what that was…anymore.


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I’m not freshly ripping anybody anything anymore. I am done with anger.


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Oh, Nurse Kelso, ooh, purple is not your color. Listen, could you con out the housekeeping and maybe send up some fresh scrubs for me and–psst, come here. Please put on a bra, you’re distracting some of the other doctors.

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