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  1. Comment by Mark

    I was wonderring if you guys know of or are planning to make a blog-widget or badge that will generate random Coxisms? I would truly loe to have a different Cox Quote on my blog everytime I bring it up. Do you guys know of one? If not, do you think you’d know how to generate one using your database?

  2. Comment by DRK

    Well, I’ve found a ‘random post’ generator (see button on right!). I’m not sure about displaying random posts on other sites. Maybe RSS? I will look into it… Thanks!

  3. Comment by theViz

    Season 4 Quote:
    “Ah the paging of the shrew: Hi Honey, I’m in a tunnel.”

  4. Comment by turkleton

    your site is awesome! now i don’t have to fill my prescription for 2 testicles

  5. Comment by PerPer

    kudos on the site, perry is my absolute hero, spent a bored day today at work looking a total weirdo reading all the quotes on here and laughing out loud (i can hear them as i read them) :)

    not wanting to be a total scrubs-geek, but newbie, and here’s the scoop, I AM, and you have to re-watch some episodes to get them right, …you do.

    got some corrections for ya

  6. Comment by DRCOXISMYHUBBY

    Here is a good quote:
    “Lady, people aren’t chocolates, but I don’t find that half as annoying as I find bubble-headed optimists who walk around vomiting sunshine. “

  7. Comment by DRK

    The quote as mentioned above is right here:

  8. Comment by Vee

    I love this website so much, I want to have sex with it.

  9. Comment by se7en

    I wish there’d be “writer” field for each joke and “by author” navigation. It’s interesting to know the most coxian of scrubs authors.

  10. Comment by visit now

    Your site has made me smile :-)

  11. Comment by shannon cantrell

    episode 34: crazy person says what?

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