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If Jordan were conscious, she’d… she’d agree. Now who put that fake arrow through her head? Huh? Which one of ya? It was me. I did it.


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What are you gonna do? Stay up late, eat raw cookie dough, and pinkie-swear your diet will start tomorrow?


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That’s Jack’s mobile. Actually, it’s his third mobile. The first two were embedded in the dry-wall. They can be quite frustrating to assemble.


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Bob, I’m not planning on doing any paperwork. But I did go ahead and leave my urine sample on your driver’s side car door.


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Not going to happen. I had to strangle a nurse to get this clicky top.


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Lunch for us? Not going to happen. Normally, I’d say something harsh now like, We’re not friends,” but you’ll grin that stupid grin and shake your head, like, “How could that possibly be true?””


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That would be me. It was delicious. My compliments to the little lady.


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You can count on me, Bobbo! Here’s the lowdown. In three hours, my shift ends, at which point I will be leaving and meeting with my ex-wife for a celebratory best doctor in the city” date which is guaranteed to end in crazy hotel sex. I’m thinking six-inch heels, a leather mask, fishnet stockings. Who knows? She may even get dressed up. The good news for you, though, is that you have a case of hypercalcemia. Any trained monkey can treat it. Let’s see who that monkey’s gonna be. (…) Rex it is. Have a great night. You’re in very capable nine-fingered hands.”


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I had to go the bathroom, Barbie. People, from now on, if anyone needs to take a leak, please notify Dr. Reid. It is a pet peeve of hers.


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Upsetting, but we persevere. Bottom line:There is no such thing as a perfect person. You. Tell her.

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